Definition of insurance broker in English:

insurance broker


  • A person or company registered as an adviser on matters of insurance and as an arranger of insurance cover with an insurer on behalf of a client.

    • ‘The charging structure will also depend on whether the insurance broker or financial adviser is taking a commission from the investment.’
    • ‘Stuart's brother Nick also felt the need to do his own thing and worked as an insurance broker in O'Leary Insurances in Cork.’
    • ‘Spring worked as a sales manager for an insurance broker, selling policies on behalf of Guardian Assurance.’
    • ‘A local insurance broker can help to assess your needs.’
    • ‘If you arrive uninsured, in itself very foolish, you could try to obtain temporary cover from an insurance broker here.’
    • ‘If you find yourself in this situation, discuss the matter with your insurance broker.’
    • ‘Try searching the web, calling a few direct insurers and a local insurance broker: you'll be shocked at how much you're being over-charged.’
    • ‘I am an insurance broker with two employees working out of a small office.’
    • ‘Meet with your insurance broker and make sure that your business is properly insured.’
    • ‘With that said, your first step is to contact an insurance broker who specifically handles small businesses to find out which plan is best for you.’
    • ‘One insurance broker said there have been several price increases already this year and her company has been warned to expect further increases in the new year.’
    • ‘If you're an insurance broker, this is an excellent portal site.’
    • ‘An insurance broker will look around for the best deal for you.’
    • ‘Your insurance broker will soon be bringing it to your attention.’
    • ‘Your legal representative is not an insurance broker, however, and cannot give advice on all the products that may be available.’
    • ‘Selecting the right insurance broker is as important as picking a health plan.’
    • ‘The language used by the insurance broker should be simple and easily understood by the man on the street.’
    • ‘Robinson was a medical insurance broker in a small office, when a visit to the doctor caused her to take stock of her career so far.’
    • ‘An accountant introduced him to an insurance broker, who took him on for training.’
    • ‘He is an insurance broker with The Horton Group, helping clients reduce taxes on employee injuries.’
    dealer, broker-dealer, agent, negotiator, trafficker