Definition of insurance carrier in English:

insurance carrier


North American
  • An insurer; an insurance company.

    ‘An employer provides long-term disability benefits pursuant to a written plan to its eligible employees through a group insurance policy with a third-party insurance carrier.’
    • ‘The first step that CPAs should take is to call their malpractice insurance carrier and tap into their experience and legal resources.’
    • ‘Working Today has built partnerships with an insurance carrier and a hospital group, and has received support from the Ford Foundation and a grant from the New York Community Trust.’
    • ‘He relates the story of an unnamed insurance carrier known for dealing with personal products for affluent customers that was looking to move online with a property and casualty business geared to small business owners.’
    • ‘If your state permits it (some, like Massachusetts, do not), ask your insurance carrier to cover such damages.’
    • ‘Before you drop your current coverage, call your insurance carrier for details because you don't want to have any lapses in your coverage.’
    • ‘But if a case goes to trial and a guilty verdict is rendered, your insurance carrier might drop you.’
    • ‘Ministries are exempt from the requirements imposed on other employers to refrain from discriminating in favor of more highly paid individuals for health insurance programs handled through an insurance carrier.’
    • ‘Also, if a second insurance carrier already has paid expenses, they cannot be reimbursed by Flex funds.’
    • ‘Another family physician in my town had to abruptly close his practice a couple of months ago when his insurance carrier declined to renew his policy.’
    • ‘It's always a good idea to speak with your auto insurance carrier to see if you already have these overages.’
    • ‘The insurance carrier he's filed against has already input three secret figures into the system - a low figure, a middle one, and the highest it would be willing to pay.’
    • ‘The family physician may be asked to complete a disability form by a patient, an insurance carrier, the workers' compensation board or other disability system.’
    • ‘His insurance carrier told him that if wanted to take advantage of the full limits of their coverage, he'd have to begin taking annual simulator training to continue flying.’
    • ‘And then the insurance carrier will really be stuck.’
    • ‘Patients saw the bill, questioned it, filled out their own insurance forms, clipped the bill to it, and mailed it to their insurance carrier.’
    • ‘The member-services department at your health insurance carrier should be able to give you a list of affiliated cardiologists.’
    • ‘Check with your insurance carrier for specific requirements.’
    • ‘It may be necessary for the referral laboratory to have this information in order to collect reimbursement from an insurance carrier.’
    • ‘Travelers should contact their insurance carrier to arrange for extended coverage if available and as appropriate.’


insurance carrier

/inˈSHo͝orəns ˈkerēər/ /ɪnˈʃʊrəns ˈkɛriər/