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insurance policy

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  • A document detailing the terms and conditions of a contract of insurance.

    ‘It may well be that it will depend upon what the terms of the insurance policy are.’
    • ‘It allows a court to order the terms of a health insurance policy to be performed.’
    • ‘As soon as you complete the purchase contract, an insurance policy is necessary.’
    • ‘This is a life insurance policy and its proceeds will be used to pay off a mortgage loan in the event of death.’
    • ‘The defendant was not named as a co-insured in the relevant insurance policy.’
    • ‘A copy of the insurance policy so endorsed shall be provided to the Operator at the start of the hire period.’
    • ‘It is simply that the defendant was informed that an insurance policy was going to be taken out.’
    • ‘He had taken out an insurance policy to provide for any tax which would be due on the passing of his estate to his daughters.’
    • ‘Where an ambiguity in an insurance policy is found, we will construe it in favour of the insured.’
    • ‘Although a rider is not an insurance policy in its own right, when read with the policy shell it can stand on its own.’
    • ‘The insurance policy should cover the required risks for sufficient amount.’
    • ‘In order for something to be extended, you need to have a marine insurance policy in place in the first instance.’
    • ‘The husband made proposals to relieve the hardship including a life insurance policy and his offer was accepted by the court.’
    • ‘Buying an insurance policy is risk management in one of its simplest forms.’
    • ‘You must also have an insurance policy in place for your property prior to cheque issue.’
    • ‘If you look at an insurance policy there are five or six things that are excluded.’
    • ‘This meant that the mortgage could not be paid off by the proceeds of an insurance policy.’
    • ‘If the warning is strong enough, your insurance policy should pay out on a cancellation claim.’
    • ‘He had been led to believe that an insurance policy had been taken out to cover legal costs.’
    • ‘It's a voluntary insurance policy that will meet your monthly repayments if you fall ill, have an accident or lose your job.’


insurance policy

/inˈSHo͝orəns ˌpäləsē/ /ɪnˈʃʊrəns ˌpɑləsi/