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  • A person or company that underwrites an insurance risk; the party in an insurance contract undertaking to pay compensation.

    ‘Even switching the amount of the shortfall predicted by your insurer to a repayment mortgage will help.’
    • ‘Patients referred to hospital specialists not contracted to their insurer will have to pay extra.’
    • ‘Yet there is no prohibition against insurances where the insurer does have an interest in the life of the insured.’
    • ‘The company no longer exists but Linda hopes to apply for compensation from its insurers.’
    • ‘You should speak to your insurer or broker before taking on these more costly projects to assess their benefit to you.’
    • ‘Yes, and therefore a judgment may be entered in favour of the insurer as a party to the proceedings.’
    • ‘Approach an insurer direct or try a broker, who will scour the market for you.’
    • ‘It is still worth shopping around among insurers other than the four main players.’
    • ‘Consumers may think going directly to an insurer will save money in terms of commission fees.’
    • ‘All claims should be reported to the insurer within thirty days of such claim arising.’
    • ‘One involves the immediate conversion of the insurer's payment obligation into cash.’
    • ‘I bought contents insurance from my existing insurer, but did so online for extra discounts.’
    • ‘The court will not be directly concerned with how, or on what, the insurer spends the premium income.’
    • ‘Thus I feel caught between the Government and insurers with uninsurable losses.’
    • ‘Effectively, the insurer and reinsured have agreed that such information is immaterial.’
    • ‘If the arbitrators confirmed the view of the insurers, then the benefits would not be payable.’
    • ‘You can still claim on your travel insurance, but then the insurer will recoup the cost from the airline.’
    • ‘Against this background fears of the impact of a mass sell-off by insurers cannot be discounted.’
    • ‘It cannot have been contemplated that the insurer could benefit from its own breach.’
    • ‘We are talking to a life insurance company and a couple of non-life insurers for this.’



/inˈSHo͝orər/ /ɪnˈʃʊrər/