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  • Too great to be overcome.

    ‘an insurmountable problem’
    • ‘This is an inspirational success story, proving that seemingly insurmountable setbacks can be overcome on the road to glory.’
    • ‘In the process of bringing the film to fruition, some obstacles that seemed insurmountable were overcome.’
    • ‘The underdog shows us people working together to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.’
    • ‘Without it, the challenge is overwhelming if not insurmountable for most students.’
    • ‘He has had highs of happiness at successes and lows of despair, at seemingly insurmountable difficulties.’
    • ‘Inflation and current account deficit are not insurmountable obstacles for the introduction of the euro.’
    • ‘And you're giving a huge and potentially insurmountable advantage to incumbents.’
    • ‘One tip Paul was given was not to put off housework for too long, otherwise the tasks become almost insurmountable.’
    • ‘There would be a need for increased off-street parking, which I feel sure would not be insurmountable for the council.’
    • ‘More cyclists would need to take part than last year so the charity could cover its costs, but such problems should not be insurmountable.’
    • ‘Every one is presented as insurmountable: few, if any, apparently are.’
    • ‘There wasn't really any insurmountable generation gap as such, well, except when it came to his music.’
    • ‘Government figures reveal the extent to which insurmountable debt is forcing individuals into formal insolvency.’
    • ‘But as a fellow shorty, the Celtic manager is hardly going to judge this as an insurmountable disadvantage.’
    • ‘It is on this issue and more besides that they still strike insurmountable problems with no valid explanation.’
    • ‘The insurmountable hurdle for the Liberal Party is the perspicacity and discernment of the public.’
    • ‘It's time to show people who think the challenges that we face are insurmountable that they're wrong.’
    • ‘Her best advice is to keep on top of things: otherwise, keeping your house in order can seem like an insurmountable task.’
    • ‘But while the young lions have a mountain to climb, Howarth insists the deficit is not insurmountable.’
    • ‘You'll know you need more rest when you perceive small issues or conflicts as insurmountable events.’
    insuperable, unconquerable, invincible, unassailable
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/ˌinsərˈmoun(t)əb(ə)l/ /ˌɪnsərˈmaʊn(t)əb(ə)l/