Definition of intactness in English:



See intact

  • ‘Our next step was to examine the interaction of the independent variables with the demographic factors (i.e., age of the parent, education, intactness of the home, and toddler's gender).’
  • ‘The 976 participating families in the original study were representative of the northeastern United States with respect to sex, family intactness, family income, and socioeconomic status.’
  • ‘The intactness of the whole organism is clearly sensed through communication; if that sense was absent, then the loss of particular part would not be recognized and regeneration would not occur.’
  • ‘It has been shown previously that infected and uninfected nodule protoplasts isolated according to this protocol are osmotically active and exclude the dye propidium iodide, indicating the intactness of their plasma membrane.’
  • ‘It is important to note that Augustine affirms the intactness of human free will even after the Fall: it is still we who act and love and choose, and we who are therefore responsible morally for what we do.’