Definition of integrable in English:



See integrate

‘He develops a system of formulas by which it may be determined whether such a system is or is not integrable.’
  • ‘But he was the first ever to appreciate, demonstrate and exploit the utility of completely integrable systems of linear homogeneous differential equations for projective differential geometry.’
  • ‘But, the specific elements in his speculation emulate previous two-dimensional quantum gravity theories and earlier work on integrable systems.’
  • ‘Inherently low-cost, low-power, and highly integrable, CMOS image sensors build new markets.’
  • ‘Newton had shown that the ‘two body problem’ was integrable, and so could be solved exactly.’



/ˈin(t)əɡrəb(ə)l/ /ˈɪn(t)əɡrəb(ə)l/