Definition of integrand in English:


Pronunciation /ˈin(t)əɡrənd/ /ˈɪn(t)əɡrənd/


  • A function that is to be integrated.

    ‘From this point of view a curve or a surface can be identified with a linear functional over the class of variational integrands.’
    • ‘Importance sampling involves evaluating the integrand at independently sampled realizations from a probability distribution that is roughly proportional to the integrand.’
    • ‘It assumes an invariant average wavelength in the denominator of the integrand.’
    • ‘The approximation of the integral is most accurate if the lattice points lie in the high-density region of the integrand.’
    • ‘Because of the nature of the integrand, it may represent any spectral variable (frequency, wavelength, wave number or energy).’
    component, constituent, part, section, portion, piece, segment, bit


Late 19th century from Latin integrandus, gerundive of integrare (see integrate).