Definition of integrant in English:



  • (of parts) making up or contributing to a whole; constituent.

    • ‘More lamentations than actual singing, the voice becomes an integrant part of each track.’
    • ‘They appear to emphasise on the notion of silence in their music until it becomes an integrant part of the sonic canvas of the track.’
    • ‘There is no pseudo nostalgia going on here, but a genuine feel for a kind of music that is an integrant part of each one of the four members.’
    • ‘The integrant approach ‘sees the nation as an integrative counter-movement to processes of modernization, individualization, mobilization, and differentiation.’’
    • ‘The aesthetic element has always been an integrant part of his work.’
    built-in, inbuilt, integrated, incorporated, fitted, component, constituent


  • A component.

    ‘the scenes function as dramatic integrants’
    • ‘Be that as it may, his writing is replete with contrasting integrants.’
    constituent, component, component part, element


Mid 17th century (as an adjective): from French intégrant, from the verb intégrer, from Latin integrare (see integrate).