Definition of integrated services digital network in English:

integrated services digital network

(also ISDN)

Pronunciation /ˈin(t)əˌɡrādid ˈsərvəsəz ˈdijidl ˈnetˌwərk/ /ˈɪn(t)əˌɡreɪdɪd ˈsərvəsəz ˈdɪdʒɪdl ˈnɛtˌwərk/

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  • A telecommunications network through which sound, images, and data can be transmitted as digitized signals.

    ‘ISDN (integrated services digital network) is becoming essential for small business phone, internet and fax use.’
    • ‘It is believed DSL, using copper wire and about 10 times faster than integrated services digital network, will remain the main communications line until replaced by optical fiber.’
    • ‘The emerging telcos have been slow to compete with Eircom in providing broadband services for small businesses such as ISDN (integrated services digital network).’
    transmit, convey, communicate