Definition of integrating in English:



  • (of an instrument) indicating the mean value or total sum of a measured quantity.

    ‘integrating microdensitometer’
    • ‘A photodiode is mounted on the integrating sphere to measure the radiant flux from the diode laser entering the sphere.’
    • ‘We used an integrating sphere to measure the spectral characteristics of a monolayer of cells and microscopic techniques to examine the spectral characteristics of individual cells.’
    • ‘Flash intensity during patrol flights in the standard flight apparatus could not reliably be measured so the integrating sphere was brought into play.’
    • ‘Guidance was preset, with an integrating accelerometer to measure when the missile had reached the requisite speed to reach the target.’
    • ‘This absorbance is an average for healthy leaves as measured with an integrating sphere.’



/ˈin(t)əˌɡrādiNG/ /ˈɪn(t)əˌɡreɪdɪŋ/