Definition of integumental in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌteɡyəˈmentl/


See integument

‘At least two types of integumental gland cells seem to exist in several species of Echinoderes, Pycnophyes, and Kinorhynchus, and they are arranged in species-specific patterns.’
  • ‘Pigmentary effectors enable crustaceans to display rapidly reversible integumental color changes and retinal screening pigment movements.’
  • ‘New theropod integumental structures have been repeatedly dismissed as connective tissues, such as frayed collagen fibers or ossified tendons.’
  • ‘The integumental wounds were easily detected on the body of infested bee pupae by vital staining with Trypan blue.’
  • ‘This form allows a non-surgical alternative in reconstructive plastic and other procedures to replace damaged or inadequate integumental tissue.’