Definition of intel in English:



  • Information of military or political value.

    • ‘prewar intel’
    • ‘The United States has used diplomacy, police work, better intel and military presence to exert the pressure.’
    • ‘When preparing for an interview, do what is done preparing for other military operations; gather intel.’
    • ‘That's a significant piece of intel information from those captured.’
    • ‘Dithering intel analysts as well as presidents can find themselves behind public knowledge and perception.’
    • ‘At the national level, there was no overall honcho for intel assessment and dissemination.’
    • ‘Organizations should get in touch with their intel folks and ask for a threat assessment.’
    • ‘As we noted on Friday, there's a pretty clear effort afoot to pin the whole intel debacle on the CIA.’
    • ‘Members posed as dock workers and gathered intel on the British fleet and their stocks.’
    • ‘Did we really have good intel about those mobile bioweapons labs he talked about in his UN presentation?’
    • ‘If the guards and intel personnel aren't well led and well disciplined, you're bound to see problems.’
    • ‘We're gonna watch the situation and draw up plans with the operations and intel staff.’
    • ‘Government intel people don't have a habit of billboarding themselves.’
    • ‘The intel overhaul alone had many members working through the summer recess.’
    • ‘Our intel hands, so often criticized, deserve an enormous pat on the back for this one.’
    • ‘The soldiers were able to get their hands on a lot of enemy intel.’
    • ‘In terms of intelligence, the CIA must go back to gathering as much human intel as possible.’
    • ‘The troops were massed and poised; intel came in, off went the rockets.’
    • ‘During our scouting we placed bugs around walkways and in the buildings to gather intel.’
    • ‘The map was plotted with various intel her men had gathered.’
    • ‘This intel is from my friend Gary, and it's the highest level.’



/ˈinˌtel/ /ˈɪnˌtɛl/


1960s abbreviation of intelligence.