Definition of intelligence test in English:

intelligence test


  • A test designed to measure the ability to think and reason rather than acquired knowledge.

    • ‘In fact, that was Hunter's estimate of savings if you applied a simple test of general mental ability, a psychometric intelligence test, instead of nothing at all.’
    • ‘All teens were given this 20-min brief intelligence test that contained subtests for vocabulary and matrix reasoning.’
    • ‘The RAKIT is a Dutch intelligence test for children aged 4-11 years.’
    • ‘A general ability test at age 11 approximated the conventional intelligence test, with verbal and non-verbal components.’
    • ‘All entrants were given an intelligence test as well.’


intelligence test

/inˈteləjəns ˌtest/ /ɪnˈtɛlədʒəns ˌtɛst/