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intelligent design


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  • The theory that life, or the universe, cannot have arisen by chance and was designed and created by some intelligent entity.

    ‘proponents of intelligent design say that theories other than evolution must be considered’
    • ‘In the instruction of religion, we can talk about theories like intelligent design.’
    • ‘More and more scientists are buying into the theory of intelligent design.’
    • ‘Now, proponents of intelligent design want evolution to be challenged in our classrooms.’
    • ‘Instead, the proponents of intelligent design use a ploy that works something like this.’
    • ‘Should intelligent design be taught alongside the theory of evolution in our schools?’
    • ‘To date, the proponents of intelligent design have not produced anything like that.’
    • ‘Supporters of intelligent design say it is a theory with scientific backing.’
    • ‘If we grant that the universe is possibly or even probably the result of intelligent design, what is the next step?’
    • ‘The original school board ruled that intelligent design could be taught alongside Darwinian evolution, in science classes.’
    • ‘Why do critics of intelligent design continue to equate it with creationism?’
    • ‘Evolutionists are also pleased that the standards do not mention intelligent design.’
    • ‘So intelligent design is a better explanation for them than the Darwinian mechanism.’
    • ‘In my view that is exactly what intelligent design is - cleverly repackaged creationism.’
    • ‘Creationists have now come up with intelligent design that supposedly fills in the gaps not fully explained by Darwinism.’
    • ‘Dover had added language about intelligent design to its biology curriculum.’
    • ‘Arguments for intelligent design are also encountered in physics and astronomy.’
    • ‘We have no problem with the concept of intelligent design as religion or as philosophy.’
    • ‘These are the opposing explanations of natural or evolutionary descent and intelligent design.’
    • ‘Opponents of intelligent design have apparently settled on their strategy.’
    • ‘To do so, she said, implies it supports intelligent design in the classroom.’