Definition of intensively in English:


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  • 1With extreme concentration or effort; very thoroughly or vigorously.

    ‘he worked intensively through the summer’
    • ‘they campaigned intensively for his release’
    • ‘Some chief ministers ought to go through this paper very intensively.’
    • ‘During his years in Paris, he experimented intensively with lithography.’
    • ‘I studied intensively with a wonderful ballet teacher in Boston.’
    • ‘To use the Internet intensively, faculty must attend to delivery management systems.’
    • ‘The Agriculture Department has been intensively negotiating for years to reopen that market.’
    • ‘Maybe contemporary art will be studied more intensively.’
    • ‘The building was open to, and intensively used by, the entire populace.’
    • ‘The close theoretical kinship between painting and poetry has long been noted and intensively examined.’
    • ‘Beethoven's sketches have been more intensively studied than those of any other composer.’
    • ‘I always reflect long and intensively by myself in my quiet little house.’
    1. 1.1With the aim of achieving maximum agricultural production within a limited area.
      ‘the coastal lowlands are intensively cultivated’
      • ‘intensively farmed beef cattle are often fed high-grain diets’
      • ‘Using early planted spring cereal crops to control the effects of wind has been gaining popularity for intensively managed crops in recent years.’
      • ‘Organic chickens are far more likely to contain the area's most common food poisoning bacteria than intensively reared birds, according to their research.’
      • ‘We plant intensively, a new row each week, with high crop turnover.’
      • ‘The French countryside is still pastoral and not all of it is as intensively cultivated as ours.’
      • ‘Eleven years after the dairyman switched to become a learner of how to manage a herd on intensively managed pasture, he's much happier.’
      • ‘Southeastern soils have been intensively cropped and are prone to drought and erosion.’
      • ‘Some grass species can be harvested very intensively to achieve dairy-quality forage.’
      • ‘These innovations permit greater tracks of land to be farmed more intensively by fewer farmers.’
      • ‘Irrigated wheat that is intensively managed is at greatest risk because the moisture necessary for infection is often supplied by the irrigation.’
      • ‘Pressure has been placed on New Zealand farms to farm more intensively in order to reduce costs.’



/inˈtensəvlē/ /ɪnˈtɛnsəvli/