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  • 1Reciprocal action or influence.

    ‘ongoing interaction between the two languages’
    • ‘There is no human contact, just interaction between text and the reader.’
    • ‘Influences may change over time, and interaction between them is negative and positive.’
    • ‘There is a lot of interaction between boys and girls, rural kids and town kids and also the parents.’
    • ‘The interaction between the various walks of life inside the team was what made it so great.’
    • ‘She said there was little positive interaction between officers and prisoners.’
    • ‘There has been a lot of interaction between the two towns during the last ten years.’
    • ‘There will be no need or time for interaction between the two sets of pupils.’
    • ‘We want to encourage interaction between local people and people in the centres.’
    • ‘There followed a centuries-long period of interaction between the rulers of Sudan and Egypt.’
    • ‘Globalization of economies means interaction between them on a much higher scale.’
    • ‘What sorts of interaction between semantic and non-semantic features can be expected?’
    • ‘There has been interaction between the two cities for more than a thousand years.’
    • ‘I personally think this is correct, and there is interaction between the two populations.’
    • ‘If no interaction between two drugs is listed, does that mean no interaction exists?’
    • ‘The interaction between land and sea is not dealt with very well in any other game of which I know.’
    • ‘There was no interaction between the minister and the department over this matter.’
    • ‘It all comes down to the interaction between movement of people and the labour market.’
    • ‘She said a key theme was the interaction between the private and voluntary sectors.’
    • ‘The possibilities of the interaction between states intrigues me, obviously.’
    • ‘Not all drug interactions are known or reported in the literature, and new drug interactions are continually being reported.’
    action, activity, operation, movement, motion, agency, employment, working, function, functioning, exercise, interaction, interplay
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    1. 1.1Communication or direct involvement with someone or something.
      ‘for a shy person, social interaction can be a stomach-churning, anxiety-filled experience’
      • ‘he built tools to analyze user interactions on social networks’
      • ‘We are getting used to having our everyday interactions mediated and regulated by the authorities.’
      • ‘There were some participants who drank alcohol to facilitate social interactions’
      • ‘A great house facilitates frequent casual interactions among family members.’
      • ‘This type of teacher interaction did not occur four years later during these same students' internship teaching’
      • ‘It all goes well and actually transforms into that spontaneous type of interaction that reporters always seek but rarely find.’
      • ‘If you look at the interactions with my wife in this blog, that appears to be a recurring theme.’
      • ‘The literature on infectious illnesses occurring in day care settings suggests that social interactions with other children outside the home may be important.’
      • ‘I don't want to know about his interactions with other girls.’
      • ‘Members of staff often waste considerable time in organisational aspects of care that could be better used in direct interaction with patients.’
      • ‘Opportunities for this kind of public interaction with strangers brings growth to host and guest and community.’
    2. 1.2Physics A particular way in which matter, fields, and atomic and subatomic particles affect one another, e.g. through gravitation or electromagnetism.
      ‘It is the quantum theory that describes the interaction between light and electric and magnetic forces.’
      • ‘Physics is the science which deals with properties and interactions of matter and energy.’
      • ‘The protons are set in motion and, being charged, they again deposit energy through electrical interactions.’
      • ‘The interaction with the first entangled light beam meant the original laser beam was lost in the process.’
      • ‘So you have now a chance to look at light matter interactions on a very small scale.’



/ˌin(t)ərˈakSH(ə)n/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈækʃ(ə)n/