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  • Existing or traveling between cities.

    ‘City and intercity public transportation was halted following a strike by drivers on Thursday.’
    • ‘Conceptually, intercity travel breaks down into five phases.’
    • ‘But as for intercity travel in the 21st century, we should be looking forward to something like this.’
    • ‘In stories which give travellers nightmares, intercity trips usually take much longer than the official estimate.’
    • ‘Mr Brennan also promised a greatly enhanced service along the 35 km stretch from Mallow to Cork city on the main Dublin-Cork intercity line.’
    • ‘The replacement of public transport modes by the car would thus allow rising levels of travel for a given time outlay, as would the replacement of much intercity motoring by air travel.’
    • ‘Over typical intercity distances in the US, train travel would have to be free of charge to make up for the value of the extra travel time.’
    • ‘The third measure involves developing other modes of intercity travel, including high-speed rail where metropolitan areas are relatively close together.’
    • ‘Nobody denies the need to upgrade the existing system, but why are we having five intercity motorways?’
    • ‘Our mission is to create a top-quality intercity network for the North over the lifetime of the franchise.’
    • ‘‘We are studying all possibilities, including the demand to increase bus fares, particularly for intercity buses,’ Nuriana said.’
    • ‘The prices of intercity and international conversations, however, will be cut down by 19 per cent and 14 per cent, respectively.’
    • ‘A report from the commission warns that existing intercity routes will run out of capacity by 2015, forcing rail companies to price passengers off trains and onto already overcrowded roads.’
    • ‘There are 36 different rates of pay but Aslef wants that cut to four, covering the regions, intercity routes, freight and London and the South-East.’
    • ‘For all this, it provides only 1 percent of all intercity passenger-miles traveled on commercial carriers.’
    • ‘He admitted: " We have put a significant amount of capital investment concentrated on London, the south east and intercity routes.’
    • ‘Outside the Paris area, transport authorities said that 40% of regional services were running as well as 60% of high-speed intercity lines.’
    • ‘New South Wales permits three bus categories (transit, intercity, and other), while Victoria allows two (bus/coach or mini-bus).’
    • ‘Last week, bus fares in Jakarta rose by 25 to 40 percent and intercity transport costs will increase between 14 and 24 percent over the next six months.’
    • ‘Attempts to coordinate the region's cultural offerings have met with little success, for traditional intercity rivalries remain deeply entrenched.’



/ˌin(t)ərˈsidē/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈsɪdi/