Definition of interconnected in English:



  • Having all constituent parts linked or connected.

    ‘a set of interconnected computer networks’
    • ‘we live in a globalized, interconnected world’
    • ‘American modernism grew out of an interconnected community.’
    • ‘A mysterious videotape is at the center of a series of events for a group of interconnected characters.’
    • ‘From four points around the exterior, filmed sequences were back-projected onto the structure, enclosing the visitor in interconnected landscapes.’
    • ‘In its geometric central hall, the artist has created a large wooden spiraling structure out of rotating interconnected loops.’
    • ‘His larger vision is often subsumed in the interconnected, disconnected families whose lives he's chronicling.’
    • ‘Curators have a variety of stimulating, interconnected spaces with which to work.’
    • ‘The movie is a series of small, interconnected love stories, all based out of a salsa club in London.’
    • ‘The investigation dredges up many dark secrets in the local community, a community represented here by a tapestry of interconnected characters.’
    • ‘On the inside, they are interconnected, the module defining a frame that may be left open or closed.’
    • ‘At the same time, interconnected streets reduce the need for major arterial streets that slice through the neighborhood.’



/ˌin(t)ərkəˈnektəd/ /ˌɪn(t)ərkəˈnɛktəd/