Definition of interconnectedness in English:



  • The state of being connected with each other.

    ‘the interconnectedness of all things in the universe’
    • ‘a growing awareness of our global interconnectedness’
    • ‘Rather than following a linear progression, the essays circle back to reveal the interconnectedness of things.’
    • ‘In this student project, local-scale renewable energy works with the interconnectedness of the built environment.’
    • ‘Los Angeles can come to feel like a company town, provincial in its interconnectedness.’
    • ‘In an architecture of interconnectedness, the lowest common denominators can be shockingly low indeed.’
    • ‘It is a vision of the energy—rather than material—basis of all Creation, of the intimate interconnectedness of all life.’
    • ‘The erupting interconnectedness of nature, the compulsiveness of vines wrapping around the charred branches, is rhythm itself, laughably swarming, violent, bright.’
    • ‘Sewing is a key way individuals communicate with each other, signifying their friendship and interconnectedness.’
    • ‘New ways of thinking about self and nature and self and culture emerge with others who experience similar strong feelings of interconnectedness.’
    • ‘He has advanced public awareness of interconnectedness in the security community.’
    • ‘Given the interconnectedness of world markets, is this model taking into account that reduced fossil-fuel demand would drop prices?’



/ˌin(t)ərkəˈnektədnəs/ /ˌɪn(t)ərkəˈnɛktədnəs/