Definition of intercrop in English:


verbintercrops, intercropping, intercropped

[with object]often as noun intercropping
  • Grow (a crop) among plants of a different kind.

    ‘lettuce is particularly good for intercropping among Brussels sprouts’
    • ‘Organic farmers use practices such as crop rotations, intercropping, strip cropping, establishing wildlife cover and providing habitat for beneficial organisms such as predatory insects, pollinators, birds, and bats.’
    • ‘He controls diseases and pests by intercropping the aloe vera with plants such as dates, amla, melons, millet, castor, mungbean, pigeon pea, vegetables and selected medicinal plants.’
    • ‘Small bushy legumes were intercropped between the mango trees and cashews to fix nitrogen levels, add biomass and help keep the soil temperature down.’
    • ‘Rich soils require little or no fertilizer; natural predators and intercropping eliminate the need for pesticides.’
    • ‘One of the vineyards has annual vegetables intercropped with grapevines.’


  • A crop grown among plants of a different kind.

    ‘pineapple can be grown as an intercrop’
    • ‘Agronomic studies aimed at quantifying competition between two species most commonly consider a weed and crop species and, to a considerably lesser extent, two crops grown in an intercrop.’
    • ‘Legume intercrops generally grow for some time past the corn harvest, and can take land away from the tightly scheduled sequential cropping typical of Asian agriculture.’
    • ‘Sorghum and pigeon pea, for example, are grown as intercrops in drier parts of India.’
    • ‘The yield from the six-year-old garden was not much and the intercrops were the sole source of income for his family.’
    • ‘Vertical polythene soil barriers have been similarly used for pearl millet and groundnut intercrops.’