Definition of intercurrent in English:



  • 1Medicine
    (of a disease) occurring during the progress of another disease.

    ‘complicated by intercurrent infection with other microbes’
    • ‘All have an insidious onset, progress slowly over years, and death is usually due to an intercurrent illness and not directly due to the disease itself.’
    • ‘One patient dropped out due to intercurrent illness, one patient was lost to follow-up, and one patient left the study due to personal reasons.’
    • ‘Older adults often get acute intercurrent illnesses in which fluid replacement is an important component of treatment.’
    • ‘These interleukins are triggered by inflammation, tissue damage, or intercurrent infections.’
    • ‘Investigations showed no evidence of intercurrent infection.’
  • 2 rare (of a time or event) intervening.

    • ‘Telephone interviews were conducted in six intercurrent years.’



/ˌin(t)ərˈkərənt/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈkərənt/


Early 17th century from Latin intercurrent- ‘intervening’, from the verb intercurrere.