Definition of interdependence in English:


(also interdependency)


mass noun
  • The dependence of two or more people or things on each other.

    ‘the new economic interdependence of the two nations’
    • ‘Both comedies examine black-white relations in dramatizing the interdependence between the races.’
    • ‘Works were commonly made of unaltered materials temporarily brought together in some configuration of interdependence.’
    • ‘Growers must be willing to sacrifice independence for interdependence.’
    • ‘He was always able to feel a special rapport with his readers, a rapport based on a cultivated interdependence.’
    • ‘A nearly exclusive interest among historians of Netherlandish art in painting of the period has partly obscured such interdependence.’
    • ‘The social economy addresses the interdependence of people within society, not just the adding together of individuals.’
    • ‘The operations of the market breed a high degree of interdependence among individuals.’
    • ‘In this intricate system of exchange, community is founded on a ritualized recognition of interdependence.’
    • ‘Students are empowered, he says, "as they develop the ability and confidence to exercise the craft of interdependence."’
    • ‘The interdependency of the two women stems in part from that which the father will not or cannot give.’