Definition of interdigital in English:



  • Between the fingers or toes.

    • ‘The most common infestation sites are the interdigital spaces of the fingers, the flexor surfaces of the wrists, the external male genitalia, the buttocks and the anterior axillary folds.’
    • ‘Areas most affected are interdigital folds, flexor aspect of wrists, extensor aspect of elbows, belt line, thighs, navel, penis, areola, abdomen, inter gluteal fold.’
    • ‘Ulceration mainly occurred on the dorsum of the medial three toes and interdigital clefts, occasionally extending to the sole of the foot.’
    • ‘Pain is elicited in the affected interdigital space when the metatarsal heads of the foot are squeezed together.’
    • ‘Other important observations include the presence of peeling skin and maceration or fissuring of the interdigital skin.’