Definition of interdisciplinarity in English:



  • The quality or fact of involving or drawing on two or more branches of knowledge.

    ‘these articles show how important interdisciplinarity is for anyone interested in environmental history’
    • ‘Allowing for the risks, I still think environmental historians should embrace interdisciplinarity more fully.’
    • ‘African environmental history, like the broader field of environmental history, has long drawn inspiration from interdisciplinarity.’
    • ‘His research spans economic history, methodology, and the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity.’
    • ‘His research is in contemporary continental philosophy, African philosophy, history of Western mysticism, and interdisciplinarity.’
    • ‘This situation calls upon us to reflect upon how the pragmatics of interdisciplinarity differ in those institutions where disciplines are not tightly departmentalized.’
    • ‘The two female contributors provide two different perspectives on the magazine's interdisciplinarity.’
    • ‘Wagner addressed the question of disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity in the natural sciences.’
    • ‘Some essays would extol experimentation and interdisciplinarity, he predicted, while others would oppose change in favor of what the editor termed "conventional approaches."’
    • ‘As Henry Nash Smith said, interdisciplinarity should be a collaboration of scholars attempting to widen boundaries, not eliminate them.’
    • ‘We believe in interdisciplinarity, in comparative approaches, and in a world without boundaries.’



/in(t)ərˌdisəpləˈnerədē/ /ɪn(t)ərˌdɪsəpləˈnɛrədi/