Definition of interestingly in English:



  • In a way that arouses curiosity or interest.

    ‘she writes interestingly about all manner of things’
    sentence adverb ‘interestingly, there are clear differences between the two drugs’
    • ‘Interestingly, all four signatures are different.’
    • ‘Interestingly, efforts to save energy may create unexpected benefits.’
    • ‘Interestingly, having an opportunity to purchase the lands at less than the appraised value did not lower the cost.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the two students with the highest grades on the pasture project tended to perform relatively poorly on the exams.’
    • ‘It's a two-column collection of headings that you itch to arrange a bit more interestingly.’
    • ‘It reflects a national security environment that interestingly contrasts with that of the joint visions.’
    • ‘Music was blasting, people were stopping by, and interestingly dressed female Santas were doing their thing.’
    • ‘Those with vision and initiative are following Portugal's lead and making wine from interestingly flavored grapes.’
    • ‘Mutations have been identified that change the cleavages in interestingly stereotyped ways.’
    • ‘I will not approach the less tangible areas that, though important, can appear too "sermon-like" and not interestingly readable.’