Definition of interferogram in English:


(also interferogramme)


  • A pattern formed by wave interference, especially one represented in a photograph or diagram.

    • ‘This dynamic interferometer with a holographic optical element produces four phase-shifted interferograms imaged on a single detector.’
    • ‘The interferogram exhibits well-defined Newton rings, indicating that the vesicle is not moving or does not show strong thermally excited bending fluctuations.’
    • ‘When the two interfaces are very close together the path difference between the interfering rays is zero and the interferogram exhibits a minimum in the intensity.’
    • ‘It involves moving the reference flat of the interferometer in fixed steps with a piezoelectric stage, which shifts the fringes, resulting in a series of interferograms.’
    • ‘Every 3°C, 50 interferograms were accumulated, apodized, Fourier transformed, and converted to absorbance spectra.’