Definition of interferometer in English:


Pronunciation /ˌin(t)ərfəˈrämədər/ /ˌɪn(t)ərfəˈrɑmədər/


  • An instrument in which the interference of two beams of light is employed to make precise measurements.

    • ‘It should be noted that the lengths of the arms of the interferometer on ground-based gravity wave detectors are on the order of 1 kilometer.’
    • ‘They might even beat the earth-based interferometers in detecting the first authentic gravity wave.’
    • ‘The downward radiance measured by the infrared interferometer is a combination of thermal emission by atmospheric water vapor and by the cloud ice mass.’
    • ‘Optical interferometers (and other refractive index sensors) have features that make them versatile platforms for biomolecular sensing.’
    • ‘The flip causes a tiny shift in the cantilever's vibration frequency, which is recorded by the laser interferometer.’



/ˌin(t)ərfəˈrämədər/ /ˌɪn(t)ərfəˈrɑmədər/