Definition of interior design in English:

interior design


mass noun
  • The art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.

    • ‘The show is sure to inspire the future of interior design, furniture and building materials.’
    • ‘Plants have become an integral part of the exterior and interior design of many buildings.’
    • ‘His namesake suite is an example of the subtlety of the building's interior design.’
    • ‘If you do not wish to study interior design in depth the school is offering an introductory practical course.’
    • ‘She is an artistic designer, a description which spans from interior design to school murals.’
    • ‘British designers will also give lectures to local students majoring in interior design.’
    • ‘The latest trend in interior design seems to suggest that there is nothing like a dash of antiquity to lend beauty and elegance to a room.’
    • ‘The interior design would not be to everyone's taste, particularly the shocking pink and black kitchen.’
    • ‘The interior design is in the hands of a company based in Scotland.’
    • ‘What's so unconventional about mediocre food, chic interior design and waiters dressed in black?’
    • ‘The interior design boosts a mix of period-wood paneling and stone flagged floors.’
    • ‘Later again, she studied for and received a diploma in interior design.’
    • ‘In November 2002, the bar was shortlisted for the best pub interior design, proving a big hit with its roof terrace.’
    • ‘Mrs. Skippy, who likes to study interior design, chuckled at the title of the album.’
    • ‘Some of the courses on offer include digital photography, art, interior design and stained glass.’
    • ‘As interior design was really taking off in the 1960s, women were fighting to get out of their homes and enter public life.’
    • ‘It seems to me that they did not grasp the essence of interior design.’
    • ‘Adults will be able to try their hand at computing, art, interior design, guitar, massage, nail art and much more.’
    • ‘This contains scenes of tasteful interior design and restful soft furnishings, intended for a family audience.’
    • ‘He was resistant at first, but soon became a careful dresser and appreciative of his wife's flair for interior design.’


interior design