Definition of interlibrary loan in English:

interlibrary loan


  • A system in which one library borrows a book from another library for the use of an individual.

    • ‘Peripheral clusters entailed temporary, rather than permanent, access by being obtained from local libraries or through interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘It offers a variety of ways to get at the texts, including library call numbers and interlibrary loan where needed, and also citation information in some cases.’
    • ‘All 121 were retrieved through a library search or via interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘If you find titles of interest, you may obtain them through your local library on interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘Many other critical services such as the daily delivery system, interlibrary loan, and reserve pool will also be cut.’
    • ‘Technology has touched every aspect of library services, including cataloging, reference, interlibrary loan, document delivery, circulation, and training.’
    • ‘Using interlibrary loan is a common practice for accessing books and journal articles, but few libraries are willing to circulate sound recordings or rare archival material.’
    • ‘If these libraries could not supply the titles, interlibrary loan was not offered except through the local public library.’
    • ‘Out-of-print items sometimes can be obtained via a library and/or through interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘Other libraries should be able to obtain copies via interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘Libraries have done so with great success in cataloging, interlibrary loan, and content.’
    • ‘Otherwise, local public libraries can obtain copies through interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘It could also be available at larger public libraries, or ordered on interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘I spend a lot of time making interlibrary loans and collecting stuff from archives.’
    • ‘The references proved fairly easy to locate through the Internet and interlibrary loans.’
    • ‘I had difficulty acquiring some publications through interlibrary loan or by tracking down publishers from the literature cited.’
    • ‘What implications does that have for interlibrary loan?’
    • ‘For one assignment, I asked the geology librarian if she could obtain a creationist publication for me by interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘It's amazing what you can get through an interlibrary loan.’
    • ‘These records are not available on interlibrary loan and so it would therefore be necessary to visit the library in person or to write requesting information.’


interlibrary loan

/ˌin(t)ərˌlībrərē ˈlōn/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˌlaɪbrəri ˈloʊn/