Definition of interlobular in English:



  • Situated between lobes (e.g. of the kidney or liver).

    • ‘In addition, diagnostically important small structures, such as interlobular septa and distal arterioles and bronchioles, are not visualized.’
    • ‘It may cause interstitial lung disease by diffusely involving the pleura, interlobular septa, and pulmonary bronchovascular bundles.’
    • ‘Superficial growth along the interlobular septa of subcutaneous fat was noted in several of the larger, more cellular lesions.’
    • ‘The pulmonary venules then drain toward the periphery of the lobule and form pulmonary veins that travel within the interlobular septa.’
    • ‘At a higher power, the presence of an interlobular bile duct identifies the structure as an abnormal triad.’