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Pronunciation /ˌin(t)ərˈmēdēət/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈmidiət/ /ˌin(t)ərˈmēdēāt/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈmidieɪt/

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  • 1Coming between two things in time, place, order, character, etc.

    ‘an intermediate stage of development’
    • ‘a cooled liquid intermediate between liquid and solid’
    • ‘Therefore, the BMV presents characteristics that are intermediate between proteins and colloids.’
    • ‘Lung burdens of asbestos in these cases are intermediate between asbestosis and pleural plaques.’
    • ‘Its glass composition is somewhat intermediate between the other two glass chemistry groups, so this group could alternatively be a hybrid.’
    • ‘Many other information functions are possible, but plausible functions mostly combine elements of our two functions and therefore are intermediate between them.’
    • ‘This phenotype is intermediate between the two homozygotes and therefore no complementation is observed.’
    • ‘The actual mortality rate is probably intermediate between these values, because captive birds may be exposed to the added stress of unfamiliar conditions.’
    • ‘The divergence of the P elements is intermediate between that of each of the two host genes.’
    • ‘Hybrids were intermediate between the parental species in pairing success.’
    • ‘Twenty-eight plants were intermediate between these two groups.’
    • ‘Most polyploids are intermediate between these two extremes.’
    • ‘The proportions of the distal limb bones in theropods were generally intermediate between the extremes of cheetah and elephant.’
    • ‘In many respects, private nonprofit programs were intermediate between public and for-profit programs.’
    • ‘This effect is most noticeable with a gas and least noticeable with a solid, with a liquid being intermediate between the two extremes.’
    • ‘Mark describes in greater detail the intermediate stage.’
    • ‘Physical compaction is intermediate between these two groups.’
    • ‘The bonding between the ligand and the metal ion is intermediate between covalent and electrostatic.’
    • ‘Phenotypes that are intermediate between typicals and carbonaria are called insularia.’
    • ‘Thus, we assume the cost of active foraging is intermediate between the costs of rest and short flight.’
    • ‘This is intermediate between recently proposed values for polar and nonpolar contacts.’
    • ‘In liquid crystals, the degree of order is intermediate between these extremes.’
    halfway, in-between, middle, mid, midway, median, intermediary, intervening, interposed, transitional
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    1. 1.1Having or suitable for a level of knowledge or skill between basic and advanced.
      ‘intermediate skiers’
      • ‘an intermediate course’
      • ‘The slopes are mostly short but steep and are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advance skiers.’
      • ‘These are the fundamental plans that introduce beginners to the basic lifts and raise the intensity and volume for intermediate and advanced trainers.’
      • ‘In all, there are 19 runs with most geared towards the intermediate or advanced skier.’
      • ‘However, improvisation is not mentioned or encouraged, and the chord changes would require an above average degree of improvisational skill for an intermediate student.’
      • ‘This wonderful piano piece has the ‘devil in the details’ and is a challenge for the advanced intermediate performer, as well as seasoned professionals.’
      • ‘Most hang glider manufacturers want to sell their ‘intermediate’ gliders to both intermediate pilots and advanced pilots.’
      • ‘The classical repertoire will feature orchestral performances by first year, intermediate, and advanced students.’
      • ‘There are only 10 miles or so of slopes, though, and even intermediate skiers will quickly become bored, although it is possible to liven things up by going off-piste and cutting through the forest.’
      • ‘Les Carroz itself is a surprisingly big and sparsely used area, well suited to families and intermediate skiers.’
      • ‘None of these hills are particularly spectacular, mind you, but they offer a change of scenery and are more than fine for beginning or intermediate skiers.’
      • ‘Closer to home, Eddie The Eagle himself is giving lessons at the Tamworth Snowdome for intermediate skiers between January and March.’
      • ‘It turns out that Chuck is not quite the intermediate skier he said he was.’
      • ‘This makes it great for families and intermediate skiers.’
      • ‘I've had four years of high school level French classes, and would consider myself advanced intermediate level at best.’
      • ‘Swing trading is actually one of the best trading styles for the beginning trader to get his or her feet wet, but it still offers significant profit potential for intermediate and advanced traders.’
      • ‘With a full week to rest your chest between sessions and a reduced workload for other muscles, intermediate and advanced trainers should thrive on this routine.’
      • ‘When training for mass, intermediate and advanced lifters should work the back from top to bottom; hence the variety of exercises in this routine.’
      • ‘This is a book designed for intermediate to advanced readers, which means it adds more details than a beginner may expect.’
      • ‘This sit-on-top is fun for intermediate to advanced paddlers who are ready for the challenge of medium to large surf.’
      • ‘There are graded exercises for beginning, intermediate and advanced jazz dancers.’


  • 1An intermediate thing.

    • ‘Since in evolutionary theory, fully fledged cells had to exist before viruses, the latter are not some evolutionary intermediate between life and non-life.’
    1. 1.1A person at an intermediate level of knowledge or skill.
      ‘photography courses for beginners and intermediates’
      • ‘Beginners and early intermediates do better by ignoring the tram and skiing the lower slopes and mid-mountain where there is plenty of more suitable terrain.’
      • ‘The Community Access Centre in Tarbert is holding computer classes for beginners, intermediates, ECDL, internet and e-mail, sage, computerised accounts for beginners and keyboard skills.’
      • ‘The men will be divided into three sections - masters, intermediates and beginners, while the ladies will have two sections (A and B) with all the runs on a handicap system.’
      • ‘The beach has waves which are ideal for beginners and intermediates.’
      • ‘The schedule will be computers for beginners, intermediates, over 55s, internet/e-mail.’
      • ‘Currently being offered are piano lessons for both beginners and intermediates, flute and drum lessons are also being offered.’
      • ‘Beginners and intermediates welcome, lose weight, get fit, have fun!’
      • ‘Private coaching is also available for beginners and intermediates.’
      • ‘The pistes are perfect for intermediates and beginners.’
      • ‘Many, many times I took along beginners and intermediates to help me at the testing hill, and we'd spend hours discussing whatever I knew about.’
      • ‘This is an excellent resort for both intermediates and beginners and so is suitable for any groups with mixed abilities.’
      • ‘The resort tends to attract mostly intermediates, although beginners and advanced players are always welcome.’
      • ‘For beginners and intermediates, I'd advise three sets of each exercise.’
      • ‘I've built up to that quota over an 11-year period, and as you will see in my training chart, I give workload suggestions for beginners and intermediates.’
      • ‘During their tenure, they concentrated on building a loyal, local customer base for day and night skiing for beginners and intermediates.’
      • ‘Beginners and intermediates should schedule regular lessons with their local professional to monitor their progress.’
      • ‘Beginners and intermediates set up by first placing the dumbbells on the floor to the outside of each leg.’
      • ‘Beginners are well served here too, and only mileage-hungry intermediates might be left dissatisfied.’
      • ‘There are several very steep and challenging runs, as well as ones suitable for intermediates and beginners.’
      • ‘There are ski runs for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers, designed with international markings and multilingual signs.’
    2. 1.2A chemical compound formed by one reaction and then taking part in another, especially during synthesis.
      ‘a pathway leading to the formation of reactive intermediates’
      • ‘The phenyl group is often encountered as an intermediate in many organic reactions.’
      • ‘Although ketones are not as reactive as aldehydes, they are also important intermediates in the synthesis of many compounds.’
      • ‘Tertiary carbocations are encountered as reaction intermediates, whereas primary carbocations are never encountered.’
      • ‘In these types of reactions the reactants form intermediates which have electrons in an excited state.’
      • ‘The formation of reactive oxygen intermediates was monitored with a fluorescence probe allowing continuous measurements.’

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • Act as intermediary; mediate.

    ‘the theory said that by intermediating between buyers and sellers, middlemen lower the costs of transactions’
    • ‘Presidents need the media to communicate with the public, and have been inventive in devising techniques and strategies to reduce the impact of the media intermediating between president and public.’
    • ‘But there are individuals intermediating with the corporation to form the identity.’
    • ‘Koehler explained that Hong Kong is a logical choice for the sub-office because the territory's markets play ‘a key role in intermediating the flow of capital in the region.’’
    • ‘What kills me is the absence of any serious effort by Iraqi parties, organisations, tribal leaders, or clerics to intermediate or try to put an end to the cycle of violence.’
    • ‘Well, his brief is to intermediate between humanity and God himself.’
    • ‘Workers and white-collar unions will still have a role to intermediate between the floor and the management in decision making.’
    • ‘In the U.S. branching was not permitted, so the market for commercial paper expanded to fill the niche left by the inability of banks to intermediate between surplus and deficit regions.’
    • ‘His companies intermediate between travelers and hotels, borrowers and banks, music lovers and concert halls.’
    • ‘A confirmation to the letter of credit is added by the advising bank or by another bank intermediating in the transaction.’
    • ‘The business carried out by the intermediary shall be confined to intermediating in the sale and purchase of domestic and foreign stocks and bonds, currencies and commodities, as well as intermediating in money market transactions.’
    mediate, act as an intermediary, intermediate, negotiate, arbitrate, moderate, conciliate, act as honest broker, intervene, interpose, step in, become involved, get involved, act, take action, take measures, take a hand
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Late Middle English from medieval Latin intermediatus, from Latin intermedius, from inter- ‘between’ + medius ‘middle’.