Definition of intermediateness in English:



See intermediate

‘The vernacular implies an underlying logic of ‘intermediateness’ and ‘appropriateness’ that steers a path between either-or solutions.’
  • ‘Instead of taking advantage of the full intermediateness of the course, they try to run it like Advanced.’
  • ‘It takes place with the aid and intermediateness of the surrounding seawater masses, in the midst of the practically borderless, incompressible but still yielding and rebounding ocean water.’
  • ‘The resulting ranking can be used to assess the intermediateness of nodes in various types of networks, including geographical road networks and social networks.’
  • ‘I could use the command line method I suppose but considering my noviceness at using the terminal (well, maybe intermediateness), I'd likely get along quicker by just ripping to Ogg and then using SoundConverter to move them to mp3.’