Definition of intermedium in English:



  • (in tetrapods) a carpal in the centre of the wrist joint, or a tarsal in the centre of the ankle joint.

    • ‘It is thickest at its presumed proximal end and is expanded medially to form an overlapping joint with the intermedium.’
    • ‘They therefore identified the medial, proximal tarsal bone of Diadectes as the intermedium and equated it with the reptilian astragalus.’
    • ‘The intermedium articulated only proximally and distally - that is, it did not articulate with other wrist bones.’
    • ‘Five elements of the left tarsus, which had undergone considerable postmortem shifting, were identified as the intermedium, fibulare, centrale, and first and second distal tarsals.’
    • ‘On the distal margin of the intermedium illustrated by Williston is a very small, subrectangular nubbin-like process that could represent an incorporated proximal centrale.’


Late 16th century (denoting an intervening action or performance): from late Latin, neuter (used as a noun) of Latin intermedius ‘intermediate’.