Definition of interminableness in English:


Pronunciation /inˈtərmənəb(ə)lnəs/ /ɪnˈtərmənəb(ə)lnəs/


See interminable

  • ‘Funny that we liken that sort of interminableness to fair ground rides.’
  • ‘By this time, I was about to have flashbacks to the interminableness of the opening ceremonies, especially when I saw the next program item was greetings from about 10 politicians.’
  • ‘I don't mean boring interminableness or even passive open-endedness, but a deep, intense wish not to come to an end, a wish so strong it transmits itself to us as a conviction.’
  • ‘Even when others reassured me that the overcoming process takes time, the seemingly interminableness of it led me only to a sort of despair as the light at the end of the tunnel seemed impossibly distant.’
  • ‘Every winter for the past ten years, I have written a column complaining about February - its seeming interminableness, its soporific effects, its utter pointlessness - without making the connection between winter and mortality.’



/inˈtərmənəb(ə)lnəs/ /ɪnˈtərmənəb(ə)lnəs/