Definition of intermodal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌin(t)ərˈmōdl/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈmoʊdl/


  • Involving two or more different modes of transportation in conveying goods.

    ‘the intermodal network serving the Channel Tunnel’
    • ‘BC Rail has already unloaded money-losing parts of its business like its trucking and intermodal transport and passenger rail service.’
    • ‘The story was much different for intermodal containers.’
    • ‘While on his trip, Mr. Lapierre led a trade mission, made speeches about intermodal transportation and attended dinners.’
    • ‘The result has been the absence of competition for road transport from the railways and inadequate intermodal sea, rail and air transport connections.’
    • ‘The old freight cranes still remain in the yard at Hastings, where there was once an intermodal terminal for small containers.’
    • ‘Trinity Rail GmbH produces all types of railway freight wagons, including intermodal, and tank wagons.’
    • ‘Our expertise in systems integration and experience at other intermodal facilities helped us define a system tailored to the needs of this terminal.’
    • ‘‘The former station is 26 years old - well beyond its design life - and is within the ‘footprint’ of the future intermodal station,’ Saunders added.’
    • ‘He shows how intermodal traffic (truck trailers and containers on flatcars) and transportation control systems formed the technological bases of the revolution.’
    • ‘‘There needs to be more investment in intermodal yards’ that link terminals with road and rail, says Crannell.’
    • ‘Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway, or BNSF, already operates an intermodal facility there, where ocean cargo containers and highway trailers can be transported on rail cars.’
    • ‘So with the trucking and the intermodal business, we feel that the company is well on its way to a very, very rapid growth span.’
    • ‘In anticipation, the city of Chicago has hired the local office of TranSystems Corp. to prepare preliminary designs for a three-deck subsurface transfer station providing intermodal links.’
    • ‘Tammee brings with her a tremendous knowledge of the intermodal industry as well as a clear understanding of customer needs and market issues.’
    • ‘After all this time, Chicago is still ‘the third busiest city in the world in intermodal traffic’.’
    • ‘When work on the facility is completed in 1 1/2 years, the depot will be an intermodal facility that offers rail, taxi and city bus service.’
    • ‘Basically, this page contains photos of the common types of containers used in intermodal transport today.’
    • ‘Hub's collaborative relationships with customers and vendors make us the best choice in intermodal shipping.’
    • ‘The Milwaukee intermodal station is an important transportation link in the Milwaukee area.’
    • ‘These are roads that provide access between major intermodal facilities and the other four subsystems making up the National Highway System.’



/ˌin(t)ərˈmōdl/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈmoʊdl/