Definition of internal market in English:

internal market


another term for single market
  • ‘Obstacles identified by included a lack of integration of the internal market for financial products and the implications of diverging supervisory rules and practices for large cross-border financial groups.’
  • ‘It is, in reality, a de facto levy perpetrated on Irish consumers to restrict competition and the working of the EU internal market.’
  • ‘Lisbon also focuses on removing the barriers to the internal market and developing better regulatory practices so that businesses can expand and trade more easily.’
  • ‘They are wrapped in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, and the cross-border implications of the common internal market.’
  • ‘No doubt the signing of the Single European Act in 1986 and the commitment to complete the internal market by 1992 were important in furthering EMU.’
  • ‘Under EU legislation concerning common rules for the internal market, all households should be able to choose their supplier by July 1, 2007.’
  • ‘France and Germany cannot solve this problem by themselves so long as they value the internal market within which people and products circulate freely.’
  • ‘A larger Europe will give us a single internal market of 500 million people, boosting trade and, therefore, promoting employment.’
  • ‘Mainland manufacturers continue to improve their skills and their productivity, and China offers an internal market that will always dwarf those of the Southeast Asian countries.’
  • ‘Domestic politics and vested interests have hampered individual governments' aims and the creation of a complete internal market.’
  • ‘We benefit enormously, therefore, from the internal market of 370 million consumers.’
  • ‘Import substitution basically relied on expansion of internal markets with rising real wages as part of the strategy.’
  • ‘But surely the government can expand the internal market itself by raising the levels of consumption of people who today are still outside it.’
  • ‘And it wants to see legislation to force the rules of the unified internal market on content licensing agencies and copyright holders.’
  • ‘Reforms in the energy sector progressed, although important legislation preparing for the internal market and setting up a framework for energy efficiency has not yet been adopted.’
  • ‘The effects have been to deter new entrants to the market providing capital and new business models - to prevent the EU internal market working for customers.’
  • ‘Parliamentary committees responsible for the internal market and employment have already rejected the draft saying that new legislation is unnecessary.’
  • ‘Such a move would have the added benefit of facilitating greater cross-border business and boosting the internal market.’
  • ‘Local companies, along with global purveyors of consumer goods, are also making money selling into the growing internal markets of countries such as Brazil and Russia.’
  • ‘Second, it would permit countries to shift from an export-led growth paradigm toward fostering deeper, stronger internal markets.’


internal market

/ɪnˈtərnl ˈmɑrkət/