Definition of internality in English:



See internal

  • ‘Each event is followed by a prompt for the child's attribution for the event, and then three questions assessing the dimensions of internality, stability, and globality for his/her particular attribution.’
  • ‘Especially important in these essays is the issue of cultural pluralism, which is palpable in each of the four sections dealing with identity, internality, women's views, and Algerians resident in France.’
  • ‘We can distinguish here between making the internality of adequacy a necessary condition of justification and making it sufficient for justification, along with the belief's being based on the ground in question.’
  • ‘We may speak of mental processes as internal and of physical processes as external; but neither internality nor externality is applicable to mental processes as such.’
  • ‘Movies are another representation of the internality, of the idea that there is a closed world, the world of the movie which is constructed out of takes from many different points of view.’