Definition of international relations in English:

international relations

plural noun

  • The way in which two or more nations interact with and regard each other, especially in the context of political, economic, or cultural relationships.

    ‘these diplomatic missions seek to improve international relations’
    • ‘International relations have become more complicated and multi-dimensional.’
    • ‘One area that conspicuously demonstrates that all political solutions tend to create new political problems is international relations.’
    • ‘The recent report is remarkably silent on issues of the UK and international relations.’
    • ‘After the war, international relations was the topic to which we devoted ourselves.’
    • ‘To conduct international relations on the basis of public perceptions is a recipe for disaster.’
    • ‘It was a war that would seriously destabilise international relations and put an intolerable strain on domestic political relations.’
    • ‘"We need to find a new kind of cooperation in international relations, something that we are lacking now," he said.’
    • ‘Security is obviously one of the most fundamental values of international relations.’
    • ‘There are glimpses here of a government machine struggling to keep up with the President's vision of international relations.’
    • ‘She went to the University of California at Los Angeles, graduating with a degree in international relations.’