Definition of internationalism in English:


Pronunciation /ˌin(t)ərˈnaSH(ə)nlˌizəm/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈnæʃ(ə)nlˌɪzəm/

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  • 1The state or process of being international.

    ‘the internationalism of popular music’
    • ‘He says Scotland in Europe seems still to conjure up something of a distant challenge and this is despite the Scots' long-standing reputation for internationalism.’
    • ‘The Cup's increasing internationalism and status as the most prized long distance handicap in world racing fits into its sporting portfolio perfectly.’
    • ‘Casablanca is the Mediterranean commercial center of Morocco, a center of tourism and French culture and internationalism.’
    • ‘Three days of fun and internationalism are planned with the overall aim and objective of raising money to support Keighley's new twin town of Manzini in Swaziland.’
    • ‘Each won a scholarship to Pearson College in Vancouver, a boarding school stressing internationalism and a physically demanding curriculum.’
    • ‘However, he agrees that Shanghai has some pluses that help to make up for this, citing the city's internationalism as an example.’
    • ‘His complexion was dark, almost worldly, just hinting at his complex tastes, his exemplary internationalism.’
    • ‘That very internationalism goes some way towards explaining the endurance of this genre of avant-garde art.’
    1. 1.1The advocacy of cooperation and understanding between nations.
      ‘In other words, the process of internationalism has to be protected even at the cost of lamentable practical results.’
      • ‘France has had a remarkable role in the process both as the first and most vigorous agent of internationalism and as the custodian of one of the world's most culturally distinct sporting events.’
      • ‘It will take genuine multilateralism and internationalism; radical innovations and new forms of collaboration with civil society and supranational institutions.’
      • ‘In this regard, we at Macalester need to engage in more discussion about internationalism and domestic multiculturalism among ourselves first.’
      • ‘The ALP prides itself on a tradition of humanitarianism, internationalism.’
      • ‘In the long term, one of the greatest threats to human liberty is internationalism.’
      • ‘Who's going to hurl abuse at internationalism when they have to fight globalisation to keep their job.’
      • ‘It is time for us to embrace free-market internationalism again.’
      • ‘They are hiding behind the fig leaf of the UN to give their misgivings about war an air of high-minded internationalism.’
      • ‘The dreadful chicken coming home now is that internationalism and globalisation are exactly the same thing.’
      • ‘In fact that internationalism is deeply rooted in British traditions.’
      • ‘Instead of internationalism, we find among the Left now a sort of affectless, neutralist, smirking isolationism.’
      • ‘This work is driven by our strong belief in internationalism, a commitment to professionalism and an enthusiasm for creativity.’
      • ‘He articulates internationalism with an ardor that was notably wobbly when he was in the White House.’
      • ‘They couldn't really make a counter argument about internationalism which touched people where they lived.’
      • ‘Our task now is to update that tradition, to forge a bold progressive internationalism for the global age.’
      • ‘We are also, instinctively so, a party of internationalism.’
      • ‘This is a betrayal of what used to be called internationalism.’
      • ‘According to the author, this departure from internationalism will have grave consequences for the future of the United States in world affairs.’
      • ‘It is an outgoing trading nation, with a military tradition that exists alongside an advanced, even unmatched, sense of internationalism.’
  • 2

    (also Internationalism)
    The principles of any of the four Internationals.

    ‘In the mid-1920s Stalin, who was by then the ruling party leader, abandoned the Bolsheviks' previous internationalism.’
    • ‘The precocious teenage poet was committed to leftist internationalism, the united front against fascism.’
    • ‘This sense of internationalism can be traced right back to when Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in the 1840s.’
    • ‘We Marxists take as one of our starting-points the rejection of nationalism in favor of a higher principle, internationalism, the solidarity of the peoples of the world.’
    • ‘This means rediscovering the centrality of the working class and the internationalism which are at the heart of the genuine Marxist tradition.’
    • ‘Conservative reaction, like socialist internationalism, was distinctly un-English in its lack of provincialism.’
    • ‘The world working class must rally to the banner of internationalism and unite in opposition to globally organized capital.’
    • ‘He was an intransigent fighter for the working class under the banner of internationalism for 30 years.’
    • ‘How did he square his socialist internationalism with his love of England and the contempt he felt for the leftist intellectuals who skedaddled to America when war broke out in 1939?’
    • ‘They wouldn't mind a bit of internationalism of the socialist variety.’
    • ‘The Socialist Equality Party has a long record of struggle for the political independence of the working class, internationalism and socialism.’
    • ‘It does not now and never has represented the Marxist program of socialist internationalism.’
    • ‘The socialists, following internationalism and pacifism, also argued against intervention.’
    • ‘Capitalist internationalism received new impetus from its opposition to communist or socialist internationalism of the Cold War era.’
    • ‘For about two decades, it seemed to many that a new national nirvana, an alternative to revolutionary socialist internationalism, had been discovered.’
    • ‘Will the struggles against global capitalism go forward on the program of socialist internationalism or will they be diverted into the blind alley of reactionary nationalism?’
    • ‘Under conditions of a globally integrated capitalist economy, only the perspective of socialist internationalism can provide a way forward.’
    • ‘American workers will find no other way to solve the problems arising out of the crisis of capitalism except along the path of socialism and internationalism.’
    • ‘The International Workers Party fights for the working class to adopt a new class strategy - socialist internationalism.’
    • ‘Only a party based on the program of socialist internationalism and dedicated to the struggle for social equality can legitimately claim to represent the working class.’