Definition of internationally in English:



  • In, between, or among many different nations.

    ‘companies looking to trade internationally’
    ‘the trial attracted attention both locally and internationally’
    ‘an internationally renowned artist’
    • ‘He traces the evolution of the major competition for young Dutch architects, now expanding internationally.’
    • ‘The institute's regenerative farming expertise is internationally recognized.’
    • ‘Some 200 building products are analyzed using internationally recognized science-based standards.’
    • ‘Recent conflicts related to the safety of internationally traded food have been dominated by the developed, high-income countries.’
    • ‘The quality of internationally important habitats is in decline due to a lack of balance over the past 30 years.’
    • ‘The early trade theory assumed that capital was internationally immobile.’
    • ‘Overall, students agreed that the internationally focused courses were a positive experience.’
    • ‘He is an internationally recognized researcher who maintains programs in biotechnology that emphasize the tissue culture of fruit crops.’
    • ‘This band has traveled nationally and internationally and has released seven albums to date.’
    • ‘His short stories have been internationally published and broadcast.’