Definition of internet appliance in English:

internet appliance


  • A small computer designed especially to provide easy access to the internet.

    ‘See how Linux can be used to prototype a sophisticated Internet appliance.’
    • ‘Retailers, meanwhile, remain dubious about Internet appliances.’
    • ‘Certainly, Linux is a good choice for Internet appliances with web browsers.’
    • ‘Internet appliances are a future of computing, not the future.’
    • ‘This question has spawned an entire category of simple Internet access devices called Internet appliances.’
    • ‘Done right, I think the mass market that has long eluded Internet appliances is there for the taking.’
    • ‘The nifty thing about an Internet appliance is how easy it is to update.’
    • ‘One of the coolest Internet appliances being developed comes from PenguinRadio.’
    • ‘Making a good Internet appliance is harder than it looks.’
    • ‘Audrey, named after Audrey Hepburn, is the first of a line of consumer Internet appliances from 3Com.’
    • ‘There is a company here in Seattle that is putting out an Internet appliance like the one you are talking about.’
    • ‘If Internet appliances do take off, TI could be in an enviable position.’
    • ‘I remember talking to Apple in 2000 about when it was going to release its own Internet appliance.’
    • ‘It will also work on a variety of electronic devices, including servers and Internet appliances.’
    • ‘This should not surprise anyone since Microsoft has done everything in its power to convert the home computer into an Internet appliance.’
    • ‘Still, unless you use it with an Internet appliance, it's a tool mainly for multimedia experimenters.’
    • ‘They look and act like PCs but lack a hard drive, which is appropriate since Internet appliances aren't meant for storing letters, budgets, and so on.’
    • ‘"We see our principle markets in telecoms, automotive and Internet appliances," said How.’
    • ‘Internet appliances were supposed to kill them, and soon game consoles and set-top boxes will.’
    • ‘Other potential network clients are Internet appliances, non-PC devices that have a web browser and e-mail.’