Definition of internment in English:


Pronunciation /inˈtərnmənt/ /ɪnˈtərnmənt/

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  • The state of being confined as a prisoner, especially for political or military reasons.

    ‘he was threatened with internment in a concentration camp’
    • ‘internment camps’
    • ‘mass internments’
    • ‘With art supplies at a minimum, he focused on drawing during his two-year internment.’
    • ‘Found on a Wyoming ranch, the World War II barrack housed them during their internment.’
    • ‘He relates their days together, just before his internment in the institution.’
    • ‘He is devoted to its studies before his internment.’
    • ‘He and his father support each other throughout their internment.’
    • ‘The architect explains that through this project, "the barrack has become the tangible symbol of the internment experience."’
    • ‘The actor recalls that his father never told the story of his internment in a way that would frighten or depress his children.’
    • ‘His activism and "voluntary" internment had put him at great personal risk throughout 1945.’
    • ‘After the brief internment of her father, she was sent to live with her grandparents on the French Riviera.’
    • ‘They are being held in internment centers in the country's lawless tribal belt.’