Definition of internuclear in English:



  • Between nuclei (especially of atoms).

    ‘The dephasing matches that expected for an isolated 13 C- 19 F pair with an average internuclear separation of 7.7 [Angstrom] and a distribution width of 3.6 [Angstrom].’
    • ‘The first contact is the mainchain-mainchain hydrogen bonding between the carbonyl oxygen of lysine at position 2 and the amide proton of E. For convenience, we termed the internuclear distance responsible for this contact, d1.’
    • ‘Thus, weak couplings associated with internuclear distances of 10 [Angstrom] or more between lipids and peptides in membrane bilayers at 37°C simply cannot be determined by the available REDOR technology.’
    • ‘Since the yeast nuclear membrane does not break down during mitosis, is it possible that the internuclear GFP-Scd1 signal was from Scd1 attached to the nuclear membrane?’
    • ‘The alkene carbon-carbon double bond is made from two sp trigonally hybridized carbons, where one of the carbon-carbon bonds is a sigma bond (along the internuclear line) and the other is a pi bond (with side to side bonding).’



/ˌin(t)ərˈn(y)o͞oklēər/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈn(j)ukliər/