Definition of interpellation in English:



See interpellate

  • ‘‘For more than a month now, the Prime Minister has not been replying to questions and interpellations by the Coalition for Bulgaria in connection with the crisis,’ he added.’
  • ‘As one of the moves to do away with old politics, there has been a change to the format of the parliamentary interpellation at the plenary session.’
  • ‘And how might we resist these interpellations, or other potentially painful interpellations?’
  • ‘He was also able to accept interpellations about the special budget for the infrastructure projects, although some lawmakers who were unhappy with the failure to list their own agendas in the extra session disrupted proceedings.’
  • ‘Only in nature is interpellation absent, and it is only when Narcissus sees his reflection in the mirror of the lake (the technic of objective realization?) that narcissism and auto-interpellation is born.’