Definition of interpenetrate in English:



  • Mix or merge together.

    no object ‘the two concepts interpenetrate in interesting ways’
    with object ‘fibres of meaning interpenetrate every strand of sound’
    • ‘Second, as questions of both national and societal security merge and interpenetrate, it is clear that possessing a reactive operational strategy alone is inadequate as a means of deterrence.’
    • ‘Religion and art are tightly bound together, interpenetrating each other.’
    • ‘The layer closest to the user is a polypropylene non-woven material; there then follows a polyester non-woven and cross linked cellulosic material which are bonded together to the extent only that a few fibres interpenetrate.’
    • ‘On a computer screen it is much easier to draw curves and bubbles, to have planes interpenetrate at odd angles and slide around.’
    • ‘Their interacting narratives alternate, interpenetrate, and finally coalesce in the culminating moment of the Messiah episode.’
    • ‘Their idea was that the myofibril contains toothbrush-like structures facing one another and pushed together so that their bristles interpenetrate.’
    • ‘Instead, its darkness interpenetrates the figure; their contest is fought out through brushy, blurred and sharp lines, and through the quiet waves of energy rippling along the velvet, planed-down blackness.’
    • ‘The architecture is such that this higher level is clearly interpenetrated with the lower level and casts its power down to where I stand making me feel stilled and centred right where I am.’
    • ‘It's easy to ignore how black and white cultures in America have interpenetrated, how relatively safe and peaceful our lives are because of his life's work.’
    • ‘They interpenetrate of course and the fact that I've been reading science fiction for thirty-five or more years means that I probably have a somewhat more louche approach to these remarkable possibilities than many people do.’
    • ‘The opposed sets of self-contained images interpenetrate one another; by the end of the book it is impossible to say that Don Quixote is mad, and impossible to say that the duke and the duchess are sane.’
    • ‘Group and individual identities can interpenetrate, overlap, and influence each other.’
    • ‘Cultures interpenetrate, overlap and procreate as well as militate against one another as they sometimes do.’
    • ‘I suggested that there were two bodies, the dense physical one which appears solid, and another invisible one that functions like a snake moving and interpenetrating with the physical one.’
    • ‘So the two are interpenetrating, just as the breath is something which connects the inside and the outside.’
    • ‘The electron fluid that interpenetrates the iron nuclei is itself tremendously concentrated, capable of controlled energy fluxes that may never be obtainable by terrestrial engineering.’
    • ‘This bio-plasmic body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body called the ‘etheric’ body, is responsible for maintaining vitality, good health and well being at all levels.’
    • ‘He inhabits a world where historical activity is surrounded by supernatural forces, where the numinous constantly interpenetrates the dull sublunary world of common sense.’
    • ‘Rhetoric interpenetrates every aspect of this conversation.’
    • ‘Hence, in this analysis, there can be no clear-cut boundary between the military and civilian sectors of society, as each is routinely interpenetrated by the other.’