Definition of intersectional in English:


Pronunciation /-SHənl/


See intersection

‘It was this organized effort to undermine slavery… that put such a strain on intersectional relations and sent antagonists and protagonists of slavery scurrying headlong into the 1850s determined to have their uncompromising way.’
  • ‘In order to ensure appropriate treatment and access to health care, and to address the intersectional oppression matrix (class, race, gender) that affects women of color, a comprehensive human rights-based approach is necessary.’
  • ‘The most one could expect is that we will dare to speak against internal exclusions and marginalizations, that we might call attention to how the identity of ‘the group’ has been centered on the intersectional identities of a few.’
  • ‘Helpful in this regard are the intersectional approaches to identity taken by much work in the fields of race and ethnicity studies, postcolonialism, and globalization studies.’
  • ‘The North was ready and the 1913 celebration of the Battle of Gettysburg emerged as nothing less than an intersectional, or better still, national lovefest.’