Definition of intersegmental in English:



  • Situated or occurring between segments.

    • ‘This innervation pattern is repeated in all three thoracic ganglia, and it appears that each of these intersegmental axons supplies the VACs of all three ganglia with NOS-containing collaterals.’
    • ‘With 3 or 4 preabdomen segments, a modified system of intersegmental muscles and tendons may have been evolved to act as a pump.’
    • ‘As in other Crabro species, the wasp's egg is attached to the soft intersegmental membrane of the cervix [throat] where the larva can readily penetrate the cuticle with its mandibles.’
    • ‘Partial intersegmental division exists on the dorsal surface; the ventral surface has a rounded protuberance on its anterior proximal margin.’
    • ‘This was usually seen on the dorsal abdomen, particularly in the region of the intersegmental membrane.’