Definition of interservice in English:



  • Existing or conducted between different branches of the armed services.

    ‘joint service colleges teach joint operations and seek to improve interservice cooperation’
    • ‘A field gun crew from HMS Drake has demonstrated its skills just days ahead of an inter-service competition.’
    • ‘I played football all the way through high school and then played on an inter-service team while in the Army.’
    • ‘Captain Allaway said that despite women making up 10 per cent of Army personnel they were still unrepresented in inter-service offshore racing.’
    • ‘Fourthly, there has to be a clear progressive joint inter-service strategic and tactical doctrine and a standing committee to review such doctrine annually.’
    • ‘There's inter-service rivalry at every level but it really comes out on the playing-field.’
    • ‘The nature of the war necessitated inter-service advice, and this further undermined the importance of a strictly army organization.’
    • ‘Officers will be able to transition without broken service under existing rules for inter-service transfer.’
    • ‘Soon after his elevation to CCO, Mountbatten had nine US officers, thus making it the first international inter-service headquarters of the war.’
    • ‘Meticulous inter-service agreements had to be worked out before each campaign; the strains on national strategic capabilities were enormous.’
    • ‘He had a capacity for dispassionate and unbiased analysis and he thought that the inter-service approach was vital.’