Definition of intersexuality in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌsekSHo͞oˈalitē/


See intersexual

‘When I was doing first year women's studies I watched a video called ‘The Opposite Sex,’ which dealt briefly with intersexuality.’
  • ‘There does appear to be a growing awareness of intersexuality in the media and pop culture.’
  • ‘Such images look very much like (in fact, some of them are!) medical illustrations, and including them would perpetuate the medical/pathological model of intersexuality that I am trying to challenge.’
  • ‘The task force contains some of the leading physicians in the field, intersexual activists, and academics knowledgeable about some of the theoretical and ethical implications surrounding medical treatment of intersexuality.’
  • ‘This is largely because doctors avoid using the terms hermaphroditism or intersexuality around intersexuals and their parents.’